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Blaze è la prima serie animata prescolare che si focalizza sul metodo STEM scienze, tecnologia, ingegneria e matematica introducendo i bambini a casa ai primi principi scientifici in modo divertente, avventuroso e avvincente. Blaze can indeed be transformed and take the form of an object, provided that the latter is correctly designed. And here is where the interactivity of this animated series: Blaze, the monster truck and AJ, his brave young pilot, in fact encourage the young spectators to participate in the logical reasoning behind each project. Blaze is the first animated preschool series that focuses on the method STEM science, technology, engineering and mathematics introducing the kids at home the first scientific principles in a fun, adventurous and exciting way. La property è protagonista di una nuova serie in CGI più divertente, dinamica e stimolante che mai, trasmessa in Italia da Rai Yoyo! Bob, Wendy e Leo affronteranno tanti progetti insieme ai loro amici e alle loro fidate macchine Scoop, Muck e Lofty. Bob the Builder is an animated television series produced by Hit Entertainment. The property has a new CGI animated series, broadcasted in Italy on Rai Yoyo, that is more fun, dynamic and exciting than ever!

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Warning: comic, border of the absurd, parody. Genre: humor, family, parody, comedy, romantic, friendship. Pairing: Garvez, Tarily. Note: oneshot 39 in Garvez collection. Song mentioned: Solo è solo una parola, Tiziano Ferro. After what they had passed, after what they had risked losing, it was necessary to spend a moment of suspension, in which they didn't have to think about the duties and responsibilities that weighed on their shoulders, every time they got on that jet, and even on those of those who remained on the ground. But above all, the father of the BAU wanted to prevent someone from mulling too much and arriving at the wrong conclusion. Finally, they have to stay together for what distinguished them from all the other teams, including the VICAP where the traitor, Mary Meadows, had been working for a very long time.